Subtitled video: Noteworthy, choice your chance of successfully winning a house

Photos showing 3 behind the scenes of a 100 second FUN video sketch reel, titled: "Noteworthy, Choice Your Chance of Successfully Winning a House". Performed and produced by mother and daughter, Gwen Hullah and Ida Barker from She And The Cat's Mother; guest appearance from their tabby cat, Purrdey (Ida is dressed as a green Crayola; fancy dress outfit)

VIEW She And The Cat’s Mother video here (contains subtitles) or read text transcript from the video further down this page (plus production and filming credits)

Here’s the text transcript for video as broadcast on She And The Cat’s Mother YouTube channel; 100 second FUN sketch reel, “Noteworthy, choice your chance of successfully winning a house”

Here at, She And The Cat’s Mother, we share our re-sorch. Re-sorch!?! Re-sorch! Re-sorch.

Are you seeking a foothold on the property ladder, or a quick sale to downsize, or are you a charity seeking fundraising ideas to benefit your local community?

YES! Well, look no further;

Here at, She And The Cat’s Mother, we share our research and our entries with you;

We combine our harvest of pitfalls and successes; combining, not dividing;

We the authors, a mother and daughter partnership, our book, titled: RAFFLE PROPERTY, YOUR WINNING GUIDE;

We write as we talk, using easy, salt breeze language to weather your alternative;

Choice your chance of successfully winning a house;

Before receiving the keys and the deeds, check that the property is: MORTGAGE FREE, WITHOUT A SECOND MORTGAGE, WITHOUT A LOAN, otherwise you will be fully responsible by law;

The purpose of our book, is so that our research doesn’t go to waste.

(END of video reel)

Production and filming credits:

// Video sketch reel performed and produced by She And The Cat’s Mother wherein, Gwen Hullah plays character Delorous Dival (based on the illustration by Ida within Raffle Property book); Ida Barker plays Noteworthy; plus a brief appearance by their cat, Purrdey

// Theme tune “Mr and Ms’ery” for video, written and performed by Ida Barker; (Ida is a member of the MU / Musicians’ Union and PRS / Performing Right Society)

// This video includes extracts from our published book, “Raffle Property: Your Winning Guide to House Competitions (for entrants, property-owners and charity organisers)” written by mother and daughter, Gwen Hullah and Ida Barker; Amazon link:

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