Photos showing 3 behind the scenes of a 100 second FUN video sketch reel, titled: "Noteworthy, Choice Your Chance of Successfully Winning a House". Performed and produced by mother and daughter, Gwen Hullah and Ida Barker from She And The Cat's Mother; guest appearance from their tabby cat, Purrdey (Ida is dressed as a green Crayola; fancy dress outfit)

Subtitled video: Noteworthy, choice your chance of successfully winning a house

View this noteworthy 100 second FUN sketch reel with SUBTITLES by She And The Cat’s Mother, for Raffle Property network;

// Video includes extracts from our published book, “Raffle Property: Your Winning Guide to House Competitions (for entrants, property-owners and charity organisers)” written by mother and daughter, Gwen Hullah and Ida Barker. Available at Amazon in eBook, paperback and hardback;

// Video sketch reel performed and produced by She And The Cat’s Mother wherein, Gwen Hullah plays character Delorous Dival (based on the illustration by Ida within Raffle Property book) ; Ida Barker plays Noteworthy; plus a brief appearance by their cat, Purrdey

// Theme tune “Mr and Ms’ery” written and performed by Ida Barker (Ida is a member of the MU / Musicians’ Union and PRS / Performing Right Society);

We look forward to reading which property events you have entered or organised in the comments section. Was this video helpful for you? Join the conversation, Gwen and Ida


Here you will find a list of all our videos and reels created for by She And The Cat’s Mother as broadcast on our YouTube channel. All videos and reels contain subtitles …

WIN Prize Pub and Takeaway in Ireland

Be in with a chance of winning this Prize Pub and Takeaway business in IRELAND with accommodation, PLUS £15,000 to buy stock or make changes; enter at // We’ve entered, have you?

Poster for video series: How to win and sell property; episode 1: How to shortlist the best charities to connect your raffle property or house competition to, produced by She And The Cat's Mother, presented by Ida Barker

Subtitled video: Shortlisting charities to connect your Raffle Property or House Competition to

This video highlights 8 KEY FACTORS when shortlisting the best charities to connect to for your raffle property or house competition; when it comes to good causes, connect to a charity you are passionate about to help your raffle or competition gain free publicity. Ensure the charity you choose has proper resources and manpower, otherwise you’ll end up doing all the hard work yourself.


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