Introducing mother and daughter, Gwen Hullah and Ida Barker — your authors of this alternative way — who established a book publishing partnership called, She And The Cat’s Mother. (They are based in Harrogate, a spa town in North Yorkshire; historically, the West Riding of Yorkshire). At their core they are a “find your alternative” business;

Whether you are looking for a foothold to start climbing the property ladder, a quick sale to downsize, or a charity seeking new fundraising ideas to benefit the local community, together we share our research on this website, social media channels and through our published book — hopeful it finds friends — as we are the companions of our readers;

Cats, they love to read !! (Photo by Ida)

This sharing of research acts like a kindness – it is inclusive, not exclusive;

Its purpose is to be both generous and affirming — inspiring its readers to imagine possibilities and create an action plan to think big and think differently within current property markets;

Able to enable — here’s Ida, creating digital content for our media channels (photo by Gwen)

The authors’ inspiration for writing a Raffle Property book:

Our motto: Warpentake = make your own opportunities

No longer does the language of property solely belong to established estate agents, building merchants or buyers-to-let — be more tiger-like: act fast, fearless but with fun

Take the alternative seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously. It is about the individual having the vision to make the ordinary extraordinary

So, by reading This! alternative way that shows less-traditional ways to engage yourself within the business of property, it will enable you to show you are part of the universal power of attraction — but remember, it’s all a game. A game to win

The 12 game

The 12 game is a mission statement we created to help keep you on track when entering or creating a Raffle Property and/or House Competition — it consists of 12 guidelines, 12 upticks as we like to call them — not 12 rules

The trouble with rules is they rarely suit us all. Rules are like promises. They can be easily misunderstood

You’re invited!

#OwnYourFuture — share your Raffle Property and House Competition stories; we’d love to hear which property events you have entered or organised; how have you found the process so far?

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