Boost your chances to #OwnYourFuture within property markets

THIS! page generously shows you a list of property issues, for both entrants and organisers of Raffle Property and House Competitions shared on our social media outlets and printed within our published book — available at amazon in 3 formats: eBook | paperback | hardback

1) What is the difference between a Raffle Property and a House Competition?

2) Two routes to selling your property in a raffle

3) Why are House Competition questions so hard to answer?

4) What’s the chance of winning the National Lottery or Euro Millions compared to winning a house in a raffle/competition?

5) Who can organise Raffle Property and House Competitions?

6) Taking personal responsibility for your Raffle Property / House Competition actions

7) Benefits to working with a property estate agent when planning a Raffle Property

8) Downside organisers face when creating difficult House Competition questions for entrants to answer

9) United Kingdom stamp duty calculations

10) See table of United Kingdom stamp duty rates

11) United Kingdom stamp duty “holiday” ends March 2021

12) What colours to paint your front door to increase the property’s asking price?

13) When is the BEST time to launch a raffle property or house competition event?

// Have a question about Raffle Property or House Competitions you’d like answering //


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