Win Victorian House

Competition prize

Victorian Gentleman’s House worth £450,000 in West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

Property description

Superb, 5 bedroom property over 4 floors, 3,600 plus square feet of living space, retains much of its original character with a fully stocked wine cellar – overlooks a 30 acre Victorian park

Ticket price


Opening date

July 26th 2020 

Closing date

October 30th 2020

Sales aim

To sell a minimum of 500,000 tickets for the property to be won

Refer a friend prize


Entry format

Knowledge question

Free route of entry

No; free entry is not available


If not enough tickets are sold by the competition deadline then the winner(s) will receive a share of 75% from all ticket sales

A substantial donation to the Clarendon Wing, Ward 52 at Leeds General Infirmary Hospital is promised


Raffall (hosted by D Le Bon)

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// Photo on this web page: selfie by Ida Barker //


Total number of tickets sold: 112,306

Total monies raised through ticket sales: £224,612

Winner is awarded: £168,459 (winnings are 75 percent of all tickets sold; due to competition not reaching property’s value of £450,000)

And the winner is: Rachael Tosney, UK

“All the tickets didn’t sell to win the house as the prize but I just won £168,000 cash instead”

— WINNER, Rachael Tosney (source,

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