WIN Prize Pub and Takeaway in Ireland

Competition prize

The Spinner’s Bar public house with adjoining takeaway business and living accommodation worth £600,000 in Lower Kilmacow, South Kilkenny, South of Ireland, United Kingdom

Property description

Two profitable functioning businesses and apartment overhead; valid licence included, plus £15,000 to stock the businesses or make any changes – located 10 minutes from Waterford city centre

Ticket price


Opening date

April 1st 2021

Closing date

September 13th 2021

Sales aim

To sell 40,000 tickets for the property to be won

Refer a friend prize


Entry format

Knowledge question

Free route of entry



If the competition concludes 10 percent will donated to Waterford Solas Cancer Support Centre

If not enough tickets are sold by the overall competition deadline then the winner(s) will receive a share of 75% from all ticket sales


Raffall (hosted by Seamus Hennessy)

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// Photo on this web page: selfie by Ida Barker //

The Spinner’s Bar, South Kilkenny, COMPETITION RESULTS

Total number of tickets sold: 5,310

Total monies raised through ticket sales: £106,200

Total monies raised for charity through ticket sales: £10,620

Winner is awarded: £79,650 (winnings are 75 percent of all tickets sold; due to competition not reaching property’s value of £600,000)

And the winner is: Phoenix Splendori

“Thank you this was great”

— WINNER, Phoenix Splendori (source,

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