How does a Raffle Property differ from a House Competition?

To enter a Raffle Property, the entrant is NOT required to answer a question

Whereas, a House Competition MUST contain a challenging question, and only those who answer the question correctly will be entered into the draw for a chance to win

It is enlightening to know that a House Competition is classified as a prize competition, and can be organised commercially for private benefit and profit

Often prize competitions also include a free entry whereby, for example, entrants send their contact details, along with their answer to the competition question in a sealed envelope via posted mail

According to the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the option of having a free entry route is NOT a must have for prize competitions, but what is does state is that the free entry route MUST have as much chance of winning as the paid entry

In a nutshell, who can organise Raffle Property and House Competitions?

Generally, most countries, including the United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia view Raffle Property and House Competitions in separate ways: a raffle can ONLY be held by a non-profit charity

Therefore property-owners must look to partner themselves to a registered charity if they wish to go down the raffle route

Whereas, a competition can be held for profit by the property-owner without any charity involvement

Reduce the risk by taking personal responsibility for your raffle/competition actions

FOR property entrants — always read the small print, often referred to as the Terms and Conditions document of a property event. If you are left with any bothersome doubts as to a Raffle Property/House Competition’s professionalism — avoid the event as clean as cold — and move on to researching the next up-and-coming event

FOR property organisers — before applying any ideas shared on this website and accompanying book to your event, please seek legal advice from your local government/state’s website. Laws in your country may have changed recently — avoid cutting corners — always take the time needed to read and understand new legislation

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— She And The Cat’s Mother (Gwen and Ida; mother and daughter — sharing entrant and organiser news) and is an extract from their book, Raffle Property: Your Winning Guide to House Competitions for entrants, property-owners and charity organisers ==>> I’d like to preview/buy this book from amazon now

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