#FindYourAlternative — selling your property in a raffle

The quick-silver route

If you can find a charity to buy your property outright, a quick sale will be done — congratulations!!

The charity will then either:

  1. invest in the property
  2. put the property up for auction
  3. hold a raffle

In the case of holding a raffle, their aim will be to sell more tickets than the property’s purchase price to gain financial favour for the charity

The golden glitter route

The property seller, partners with a charity

The charity sells Raffle Property tickets in order to reach the seller’s asking price and pay for the property

Once the raffle is completed, the charity will then award the property to a lucky winner, and the charity will benefit financially from ticket sales exceeding the property’s value

What are the benefits to working with a property estate agent when planning to take the raffle route?

Finding an estate agent who is willing to contact charities as possible buyers for your property is not that dissimilar to the agent selling your property to an individual:

  1. the buyers must provide funds to purchase the property
  2. the estate agent will receive a commission once the contract is complete

The only marked difference being: the funds from a charity buyer may come at the end of the raffle when ticket sales are complete

This blog was written by:

— She And The Cat’s Mother (Gwen and Ida; mother and daughter — sharing entrant and organiser news) and is an extract from their book, Raffle Property: Your Winning Guide to House Competitions for entrants, property-owners and charity organisers ==>> I’d like to preview/buy this book from amazon now

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