Why do organisers of House Competitions make the questions difficult to answer?

Many entrants to House Competitions say:

“… [ House Competitions ] they should try to keep their question/answer much simpler to encourage more ticket sales …”

— Sandy Chamberlain’s comment posted via facebook, Summer 2019, regarding Win My Dream Home in Kentish Town

House Competitions are also categorised as prize competitions. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission does not regulate prize competitions or free draws, therefore organisers are not required to obtain a licence

But prize competition organisers ARE required to set in place competitions that will exercise one of three things from the entrant:

  1. judgement
  2. knowledge
  3. skill

Therefore, this will mean the competition question an organiser presents to those entering MUST NOT be too easy solved, otherwise the competition may be breaking the law if it is seen to rely on chance, and may be classed as an illegal lottery

House Competition questions that are so difficult that entrants tend to guess the answer, can introduce a random element, and may well be classed as an illegal lottery!!

The way organisers can counteract this would be to include a FREE ROUTE OF ENTRY, as under English law, legislation states that it will permit prize draws as long as they are FREE to enter

What are the downsides to organisers creating a House Competition question that is hard to solve?

Many would-be entrants will be put off from entering the House Competition, and those that do, are likely to answer the question wrong

However, by law, the question must be sufficient to prevent a significant proportion of persons from entering in the first place, or, from eventually winning the prize

This blog was written by:

— She And The Cat’s Mother (Gwen and Ida; mother and daughter — sharing entrant and organiser news) and is an extract from their book, Raffle Property: Your Winning Guide to House Competitions for entrants, property-owners and charity organisers ==>> I’d like to preview/buy this book from amazon now

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