What colour front door can increase a property’s value by up to £4,000?

On June 16th 2020, Channel 5’s television programme, Jeremy Vine, co-host Storm Huntley mentioned a newspaper article that had caught her attention that morning, headlined, “Door Colour Can Boost Your House Price”

So which door colours came out on top?

According to the survey read out by Stormblack painted front doors could add an extra £1,000 onto the asking price of a house; whereas a blue door turned out to be the most favourable colour, excelling by an extra £4,000

However, a red painted door fell just shy of £2,000 when increasing a property’s value. And finally, bottom of the list of coloured preferences, brown wooden front doors only boosted house prices by £700

View the following picture for “at-a-glance” reference:

So what colour front door do you have?

We look forward to reading your comments in the box below

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