Subtitled video: The difference between a property raffle and a house competition

Discover in a nutshell, the difference between raffle property and house competitions by viewing this FUN sketch reel (with SUBTITLES) by She And The Cat’s Mother for Raffle Property network;

Subtitled video: Best time to start selling tickets for property raffles and house competitions

View this 25 second FUN sketch reel with SUBTITLES by She And The Cat’s Mother ( for ) in 3 scenes we cover why the month of May is the best time to start selling tickets when holding a raffle property or house competition …

Win Bed and Breakfast business in Blackpool

Be in with a chance of WINNING this Bed and Breakfast business in the heart of Blackpool (100 metres from seafront) close to central pier —> Tickets £2.50 via // We’ve entered, have you? // #B&B #guesthouse #Blackpool #winabusiness

Subtitled video: Shortlisting charities to connect your Raffle Property or House Competition to

This video highlights 8 KEY FACTORS when shortlisting the best charities to connect to for your raffle property or house competition; when it comes to good causes, connect to a charity you are passionate about to help your raffle or competition gain free publicity. Ensure the charity you choose has proper resources and manpower, otherwise you’ll end up doing all the hard work yourself.

What are the National Lottery and Euro Millions odds of winning compared to a Property Raffle and House Competition?

Life changing WINS; what are the chances of winning?

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#FindYourAlternative — selling your property in a raffle

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